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I have run a number of workshops for an array of different people, from masterclasses at theatre schools to teamwork and professionalism for homeless charities to confidence building workshops for modelling agencies.

I offer acting specific sessions for people in the entertainment industry including self tape and audition technique courses.

I am available to run a workshop for your clients or staff to build confidence and team work ethics with a drama and acting theme.

A group of proffesionals sat around working on confidence buidling. Acting coaching actors acting job drama lessons acting coaching and acting coach


For Talent Groups and Agencies

Do your clients need some real world experience of what it is like walking into an acting audition?

What is expected of them? Who will be there? What should they wear? Where should they look when they're performing? What to do if they're successful? What is different with a recall? How do they take direction effectively?

These workshops can be done over a couple of days and will stand your clients in good stead when they next walk into an acting casting.

Actor take part in a drama excercise. Acting coaching actors acting job drama lessons acting coaching and acting coach


For Businesses

Does your team need more confidence in presenting their work? More confidence going into business meetings? A greater sense of camaraderie and togetherness?

We run team building days for businesses and groups. We have held team development and bonding sessions for a number teams of up to 60 attendees all with an acting and drama theme.

Help your team with role play and improvisation. There will be lots of laughs and a greater understanding between people no matter their title or role in the workplace.

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