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We are thrilled to share some snippets of feedback from our clients. Here you can see how we've helped actors of all experiences reach their full potential and take their careers to the next level.

“Dan has been working at our theatre school for nearly 20 years now and is our Head of Acting. If any young adult or child has a self-tape through our agency, Dan is the person who prepares them, and the results are always outstanding.”

Sam Kermer
Principal of West London Drama Training

"We have worked with Daniel Caren and our New Face models mainly for confidence building through acting lessons but all models felt very much that they ended up taking away so much more from the course. We will continue to work with Daniel in the future also with more established models."

Esther Kinnear-Derungs
Co-Founder of Linden Staub Modelling Agency

"I can't recommend this course enough! Dan is a fantastic teacher, and over the past 12 weeks, I learnt so much from him. Dan is visibly so passionate about performance and his enthusiasm radiates out to us. He creates a really warm, welcoming and safe environment for us to work in."
Clara Nascimento-Pillitz
"I was exceptionally fortunate to work with Dan on a big American film audition that I was shortlisted for. I repeatedly go back to Dan for coaching on my other auditions and scenes. His experience in the entertainment field ensures that you give the best possible performance with positive critique and notes on how to improve."
Elena Fernandes
Actor and Supermodel
"I completed the 12 week course Practical Acting and it was brilliant. Dan gave us the foundations of five big acting techniques and allowed us to tailor make our own acting toolbox. Invaluable even after three years of acting training."
Carl Batchelor

From the very first time I contacted him, I could see that he truly cares about his clients and takes a genuine interest in them. Not only is he a magnificent actor and coach, but he is also a wonderful professional.
As a coach, Dan has an outstanding capability to see the little mistakes that make all the difference while performing and how to correct them.

Daphné Fontana

"With Dan’s illustrious years in the industry, he offers key insights into the business and methods of acting. I would one hundred per cent recommend Dan to any actor struggling with self-tapes, trying to navigate the industry or improving their craft. He is such an asset to actors as a whole."

Ella Heywood

"I have been working with Daniel since last year. I was successful in auditions for drama schools and got a lot of help from him. I finally got an offer from Arts Educational Schools and Central School for Speech and Drama for BA Acting course. I am sure that Dan will support and make you a better actor with his experiences and coaching. I completely enjoyed his sessions and highly recommend him."

Donghyun Lim

"Dan has transformed the self tape experience for both Laurie and me! What had become stressful and time consuming is now highly enjoyable for Laurie and considerably quicker. Dan’s sense of fun and positive energy alongside his professionalism makes for a wonderful process."

Sara Lister
Psychologist and Mum to actor Laurie Shepherd

"Working with Dan has given the confidence and the excitement needed to bring my best version of myself to the table!
I find after a session with Dan I feel like I’ve either learned a valued lesson and/or gain a new level of excitement for the journey ahead. In my experience, he has really shown the perfect balance between pushing and challenging me to grow as an actor whilst taking actionable steps, one at a time."

Tommy Whiffen
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